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MinYul moment at SM Town Seoul 2014 ^^

Full video with more fancams :) Enjoy!!!

140822 MinYul did ice bucket challenge ^^ Same hand gesture xDDD

MinYul moment at SM Town Seoul 2014 ^^

I’m really happy because Yuri finally wore her bracelet after 2 years. Couple bracelet or not, it doesn’t matter.

Minho’s eyes followed Yuri then they hi-5 with each other MinYul looked really happy xDDD Minho’s right hand held Yuri’s hand while his left hand patted her wrist

You should see Yuri’s expression when she said something to Minho in the end. It’s very cute!!!

sorry for not seeing your reply until now... i used/i'm using Photoshop CC to make gifs :)

Thanks for answering me ^^

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Can i gang up with you??I am a girl , from China . English is not very well . I love minyul tooooo!!!I am a SHINee world .....

Nice to meet you ^^

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MinYul’s hi-5 at SM Town Seoul 140815 ^^

Minho’s eyes followed Yuri then he walked to her and they hi-5 with each other Minho looked really happy xDDD After hi-5, he used his left hand to pat her wrist while his right hand was still holding her hand

Any minyul moments in sm town

There is ^^

Their expressions are just the same xDDD A cold face and a sweet smile >_<

[UNSEEN] MinYul moment @ SBS Drama Awards 2012 ^^
Minho stared at Yuri when she was interviewed by the reporter xDDD His eyes followed her when she moved