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[UNSEEN] MinYul moment @ SBS Drama Awards 2012 ^^
Minho stared at Yuri when she was interviewed by the reporter xDDD His eyes followed her when she moved


9 reasons why i believe in minyul (choi minho + kwon yuri)

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thank you for letting me use your videos! :D here's the gifset i made yurioppa(.)tumblr(.)com/post/84452611737/9-reasons-why-i-believe-in-minyul-choi-minho have a nice day!

No prob ^^ Which software you used to make GIF?

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MinYul moments @ Music Core 140315 ^^
Long time no see ^^ New video from me Enjoy!!!

SHINee Minho SNSD Yuri (MinYul) - SMA 2014 ^^

Another video of MinYul at Seoul Music Awards 2014 ^^ I found some new moments and new fancams to share with you guys :D Watch in 720p for the best view and enjoy the video!
My previous video of MinYul at SMA are not available in some countries so if you can’t watch it here, I re-uploaded it in Dailymotion.
Here’s the link:

MinYul @ Seoul Music Awards 2014 ^^
Do you know that Minho talked to Yuri at Seoul Music Awards 2014? xDDD
When Minho went back to SHINee’s table, he stopped at SNSD’s table and talked to Sooyoung and Yuri. He even waved to Yuri before leaving :D
Want to see the whole thing? Wait for my next MinYul video then ^^



I feel the same way when watching MinYul moments at Seoul Music Awards TT.TT

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